The Medalist Concert Band draws its membership from in and around the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, and from many different professions and backgrounds. Occupations held by members include such diverse fields as Accounting, Computer Programming, Education, Engineering, Sales, Veterinarian, and many others. Individuals interested in joining the Medalist Concert Band are encouraged to contact Jerry Luckhardt, the group’s conductor, for more details

Jerry Luckhardt

Otten, Dyan

Baecker, Juli
Christenson, Karen
Foyer, Mindy
Hershey, Linda
Hinton, Sue +
Horner, Diane •
Kardock, Leeanne
Kirby, Kim
Olson, Betty
Tally, Elisa +

Oboe / English Horn
Kirby, Mary
Rice, Karyl •+

Anderson, Alice
Brandt, Beth •

Bann, Cherie
Baker, Kirsten
Brod, David
Custis, Tonya
Domholt, Norm +
Freese, Susan +
Gisslen, Wayne +
Guenther, Holly
Jungwirth, Jenny
Katzenmeyer, Tark
Keith, Sandy
Kniebel, Ellen
Melich, Becky •
Peters, Deb
Poldoski, Amanda
Prada, Sean
Rubis, Nicole
Stole, Linnae +

Bass Clarinet
Lee, Tom
Rosquist, Jody •

Alto Saxophone
Kraft, Tim •+
Suhr, Helen
Walton, Jan

Tenor Saxophone
Copeland, Dale •
Melody, Brian

Baritone Saxophone
Lushine, Joe

Chelgren, Mark
Hansen, Al
Hawley, Kay
Knutsen, Kris
Newgren, Bill
Smith, Amanda
Wyman, Greg •
Zaagsma, Carol

French Horn
Benson, Claude
Dostal, Nancy +
Hamberg, Brittney
Johnson, Ingrid +
McIlroy, Ron
Westermoe, David
Weyers, Jon •

Bann, Stan •
Katz-James, Ed
Kolmer, Jim
Woodford, Cindy
Ziemann, Ken
ZIemann, Mark

Dummer, Lee •
Haring, Bill
Hayden, Andy

Berrigan, Elizabeth
Nyquist, Paul •
Rotenberry, John

Clark, Lisa
Durdin, Shari
Enger, Debbi
Kirby, Scott
Miller, Emily
Sackett, Lee •+

• Principal
+ Board member

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